Riana can act, and even though the role she plays so far is a fictional character that is developed based on the character she presents, there are many areas that Riana can present in her acting skills. Riana can communicate many things besides verbally, but also non-verbally, visually, implicitly and explicitly.

“The Sacred Riana: Beginning” and “The Sacred Riana: Bloody Mary” are feature films produced in Indonesia in 2018 and 2022. The films tell a fictional story about the origin of a mysterious girl who has supernatural powers, and is often considered to bring bad luck to those around her. This film is also distributed in several countries in Southeast Asia.

Directed by award winning director Billy Christian and produced by NANT Entertainment.

The Sacred Riana : Beginning ( 2019 )
The Sacred Riana : Bloody Mary ( 2022 )

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