The brand is transformed across multiple platforms, both audio, visual, experiences and

products. That include movies, haunted houses, escape rooms, podcast, YouTube channel and gourmet, that continue to grow every year.


Riana’s haunted house first was developed to participate at the biggest expo in Southeast Asia, the 2018’s Jakarta International Expo. After that it was adapted into a franchise in 3 cities in Indonesia. the MAPS theme park in Perak, Malaysia then took over this franchise as well in 2020, before finally closing due to the pandemic.


For people who want a deeper experience of entering Riana’s horror world, escape rooms can be the right alternative, where audience participation is increased to a very high level. the audience is asked to solve puzzles, find ways and discover secret stories on their way.After being successful many times performing at the biggest theme park in Indonesia, Dunia Fantasi and Riana then decided to collaborate. From there, “Rumah Riana” was born, a mini mix of mirror maze, escape room and haunted house. Another version of “Rumah Riana” was also developed to be held in several cities in Indonesia.

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